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Better tools to engage residents, improve customer service and change behavior.

Delight Residents

ReCollect makes it easy for residents to learn about and engage with important city services. Residents LOVE the weekly reminders and will love you for them!

Measure Effectiveness

Our dashboards let you track progress against your goals, and discover who you are reaching. Monthly reports keep internal stakeholders up to date.

Beyond Solid Waste

Our Report a Problem and 311 integration tools scale beyond solid waste to city-wide communications. Use the ReCollect tools for street sweeping or snow removal as well.

Everything you need to communicate with your residents.


Case Study

Halton Region

Instantly connect with residents

“Constant communication is vital to the success of any program. A once-a-year calendar, while helpful, can’t be the only thing you do.” — John Watson, Waste Diversion Education Coordinator in Halton Region
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I like ReCollect so much I input my teenage son’s cell number. A text reminder is much better than me nagging. I don’t think he’s appreciated the gesture quite as much as my neighbours who thought that was brilliant.

Coquitlam Resident

I used to forget garbage day even when I was checking the calendar the city sends. But with ReCollect reminders, I haven’t forgotten one yet.

Happy Resident

Love your service!! Now my wife can tell me when to take out the garbage… she forwards the email! THANKS!

Thunder Bay Resident

I must give you so much credit for the reminders you are sending plus the messages attached. They are important information in saving the environment. I think the City is in the right direction and I am very proud to be part of the recycling program.

Vancouver Resident

Why Choose ReCollect?

Cost Effective

From the smallest town to the biggest city, ReCollect easily fits in any budget.

Legendary Customer Service

ReCollect is the IT department dedicated to Solid Waste organizations. We understand your problems and needs.

Save Money

Reduce or eliminate printed mailouts. Let residents answer their own questions with self-service tools.

What’s Included?

Web and Printable Calendar

The Calendar drops right into your existing website!Learn More

Mobile Apps

Get a custom branded waste app for your organization!Learn More

Waste Wizard

The ultimate tool for helping residents sort their waste!Learn More

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